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PCO Licence | Latest on the PCO Licence for London

Extended PCO Licence application processing times. How to speed up the PCO Licence process.


PCO Licence | Topographical Skills Assessment Test | Before you apply

At London PCO Test Centre you will be required to do the topographical skills assessment test which is required to apply for your Pco licence (PHV)


Mincab London

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Transport for London chief: commuter trains into capital are ‘shit’ (theguardian)

Sir Peter Hendy, commissioner of Transport for London, criticises rail franchises that run London’s suburban services – particularly Southeastern The man who oversees London’s tube and bus network has described national rail services running into the capital as “shit, awful” …


Driving Licence Online – Apply & Complete Online Today £45-£95 Fee‎ APPLY FOR, RENEW OR CHANGE YOUR DRIVING LICENCE ONLINE Please note that this website is neither owned nor affiliated with DVLA and you may also make your licence application direct on their website. These services may be available …

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News & Articles

Insurers crack down on speeding

If you have a problem with a taxi or minicab driver’s behaviour or you believe a vehicle to be unlicensed, report it immediately. Find out what you need to do and who to contact to make a complaint.


40 cyclists killed, 4 drivers jailed: exclusive investigation reveals only one in 10 drivers are jailed after being involved in cyclist death

The London Evening Standard Ross Lydall, Chief News Correspondent Published: 02 January 2014 Updated: 09:56, 03 January 2014 Drivers have only a one in 10 chance of being sent to jail after being involved in the death of a cyclist, an Evening …

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Taxis and private hire services

Taxis are licensed to be hired immediately – you can get one at a rank, hail one in the street, or by pre-booking. Private hire vehicles (PHVs, also called minicabs) can only collect passengers who have pre-booked with a licensed operator.

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End of the UK paper driving licence: what it means for you

  The UK paper counterpart driving licence is to be abolished from 8 June 2015. Here’s what you need to know about the driving licence changes The UK paper counterpart driving licence is to be scrapped on June 8 2015 …


Become a private hire Driver

There are licensed operators all across London, offering a variety of services. Once licensed, you can drive in any part of London. In order to be licensed, you will need to meet the following criteria: You must be at least 21 years …

Becoming a private hire driver: A woman’s story

It doesn’t matter if you’re male or female, so long as you enjoy driving and fit the licensing requirements, there’s nothing stopping you from becoming a licensed minicab driver. In this video, private hire driver, Barbara, explains the various advantages …

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We are PCO Drivers and we want a pick up and drop off point at all of the main public places !

As PCO drivers we are looked down upon and we are acknowledged as something that’s not worth anything, whereas in reality, without us, it would be very difficult for the public to get around and go places. We feel as …


Addison Lee taxi boss angers London’s cyclists (metro)

John Griffin, the chairman of taxi firm Addison Lee, has angered cycling campaigners by claiming that an upsurge in bike riders on London’s roads will lead to more accidents. Read more:

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